About Artist

Sepidar Niroomand is a visual artist originally from Tehran, Iran. She graduated with a degree in electronic engineering in 2008 but after working in programming for a few years, she realised her true passion was in painting and sculpting. In 2017, she earned a diploma in sculpture and design from Tehran University. In 2022, Sepidar moved to Berlin, Germany, where she has actively participated in various art residencies, exhibited in group shows, and recently she was selected to study at Kunsthochschule Berlin-Weißensee

Berlin in sculpture department.

Sepidar’s earlier works focused on human anatomy and portraits. To refine her skills, she joined underground modeling clubs in Tehran where she practiced drawing and painting human figures. She later began exploring painting and sculpting her emotions such as love, happiness, sorrow and social and political conflicts in her home country. Her artwork is centered around expressing her emotions and her dreams, and two of her earliest series in this style were “Hope” and “Sketches for Flying.”

Currently, Sepidar is working on several series, including “Embrace,” “I Was Swimming Naked in the Persian Gulf,” and “66.” In addition to her artistic pursuits. Sepidar’s artistic style is characterised by powerful brushstrokes and bright colors that convey a strong sense of emotion and expression. Her works speak volumes and offer insights into her personal experiences and the complexities or the beauty of the world around us.

Collections: Iran, United states, United Arab Emirates, Turkey, Germany ,Switzerland.