Sepidar’s portraits can be described in one word: alive. They exude a vibrant passion that captivates the viewer. Her process for drawing people involves sitting with them during a session, sketching and photographing them multiple times. She engages in conversation, establishing a connection that sometimes allows silence to speak but is complemented by thoughtful questions, deepening the connection with the sitter. For Ordering Commissions Please contact Artist

Maya, Oil On Canvas,

With the sitter’s favorite colors in mind, Sepidar begins directly on the canvas, creating a harmonious color palette that surrounds them.One of Sepidar’s greatest joys is capturing the essence of the eyes in her paintings. She revels in that magical moment when the eyes come alive and seem to gaze back at the observer. In addition to portraiture and figure painting, Sepidar also accepts commissions, allowing her to bring her unique style and artistic vision to create

personalized works of art.Sepidar’s portraits are a testament to her talent and her ability to infuse life and emotion into her artwork. Each stroke of her brush is guided by a deep understanding of her subjects,v resulting in captivating and engaging portraits that leave a lasting impression on the viewer.Sepidar’s commitment to her craft shines through in every painting she creates, and her pas-sion for capturing the essence of her subjects is evident in the vibrant and alive nature of her portraits.

Whether it’s a commissioned piece or a personal exploration, Sepidar’s talent and dedication are evident in each brushstroke, creating a powerful and emotive connection be-tween the artwork and the viewer. She has a deep passion for painting figurative pieces and portraits, and she wholeheartedly welcomes commissions in these areas.

If you have a specific vision or desire a personalized art-work, feel absolutely free to reach out and contact her. Sepidar will be delighted to discuss your ideas and bring them to life through her artistic skills.

For Ordering Commissions Please contact Artist